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DBIT CAMPS 9 Years, 4 Months ago Karma: 0
Don Bosco Institute of Technology
Kurla, Mumbai.

National service scheme (NSS)
Special (Rural) Camp Report.

16 Jan to 24 Jan 2009.

Camp theme: ‘Human Rights’
Goal: To build social work perspective within college youth through rural visit.

The NSS CAMP was held from 16th to 24th January for the year 2009-10. DBIT is having one NSS unit comprising 79 students in all. Hence the camp was held in two locations in Thane district. A batch of 41 students camped in Walwanda village and the other batch having 27 students stayed in Mokhada village.
Walwanda and Mokhada are extremely backward areas where the standard of living is quite poor. The students hence planned and conducted activities to make villagers aware of the ways in which they could contribute in the progress of their village.

Main Activities
1. Teaching in the Zilla Parishad School (1st to 7th STD): A group of 17 students were assigned for this activity which was conducted from 19th to 22nd January at 2:30 to 5:30pm. This School had a staff of only three teachers so they appreciated the help of the volunteers who taught the children basics of English and math.

2. Bandhara Construction:
All the students participated in this activity held on 19th, 20th and 21st Jan from 8:00 to 11:00 am.
This activity was part of “SHRAMADHAN”.Previous year NSS students had increased the level of the bandhara.The Bandhara was built so that water could remain until the next monsoons and ground water percolation could take place.

OBJECTIVE: To bring awareness about the important issues like maintenance of bandhara.
There were also some activities conducted for the villagers. An awareness street play was organized for the people residing in the sadakpada village. This was held on 20th January at 8.00p.m. We students put in our best efforts to bring up the awareness in the people. We got an overwhelming response which is noticeable with the number of villagers who came to help us in building the dam.

The main activities conducted in Mokhada were:
1.Teaching : In junior class (std. 4th to 7th) focus was on English teaching .For junior classes volunteers were told to start with basics of grammar.
Senior classes (std. 8th onwards) were taught a slightly higher level of English grammar.
Towards the end of the teaching session there would be a 15-20 minute session of singing, dancing and playing for refreshment of students.
New English, Marathi and Hindi songs were taught to the ashram shala students.

2. Levelling Work: Volunteers were assigned the ground where the leveling of ground in order to create a land for cultivation, which was the major task of shramadan, was to be done.
Farming tools were provided. Volunteers among themselves planned out how they would carry out the task.
A boundary was made as to mark the patch of land the volunteers had decided to take up the task on.

In addition to these activities cultural and youth awareness meetings were held in both the villages.
The various cultural events held were:
EVENT: Drawing competition
The children were enthusiastic to be apart of the competition. There was an overwhelming response from both students and the teachers. Many of the drawings were drawn and painted beautifully. The winners were very happy on receiving their gifts.

EVENT: Sports day
There were sports events such as running race, marble and spoon, langdi etc. for both girls and boys. After the children had finished with their sports event, they were told to play at the games stalls. In all there were 5 game stalls set up. The games were crossing the river, lighting the candles, football kick etc. Many gifts were distributed and the children were very happy and excited to receive them.

The students who attended the camp had a wonderful and enriching experience .It was a reminder for the students that there is still a lot of work to be done in order to bring the villages of our country on par with the rich cities .The camp was a way of fulfilling our obligation toward society and we learnt the we could make a difference if we wanted to.


27 volunteers of the NSS student chapter of DBIT went for an annual social service camp to Mokhada in Palsunda Village of Thane district from 16th January to 24th January 2009.
Palsunda is a small village 150 kms away from Thane. All volunteers were accommodated in the ‘Government Ashramshala’ at Mokhada. This Ashramshala hosted a total of 537 registered students most of which resided there itself as a boarding. Initial hardships with respect to accommodation and hygiene brought them together as a united and supportive group.

Volunteers were enlightened of the village situation with respect to the Demographic conditions i.e. their culture, customs & means of livelihood. They came to know of the social problems that the villagers faced in their day to day life: malnutrition being the most prominent, unemployment, child marriage, alcoholism and ignorance being common as well. Corruption and inefficiency prevalent in the Government Machinery added to their problems. Also, the level of education was something really sympathized with. Thus, the one way by which we could help them lead better lives was to teach the students and create awareness among villagers.

As a part of educational activity volunteers taught in the Ashramshala daily for two and a half hours from Standards 1 to 11. They took sessions of carrier guidance with the senior students there. During informal interaction with the students they guided them on grounds of hygiene, ignorance as well as education. Volunteers were also engaged in ‘Shramadhan’ work of ploughing and leveling the fields to understand the rocky and mountainous terrain of the region. Sports-Day, Art Competitions and Cultural Activities including social skits were organized for the children.

Also there was a Village Visit to Palsunda away from the Ashramshala where volunteers performed a Street Play covering the topics of Alcoholism, Education, Hygiene as well as the Importance of the Gram Sabha and the Gram Panchayat. The villagers joined in the motivational songs sung with them. This was followed by dinner at the villager’s houses where there hospitality in spite of having so little warmed all of them hearts.

In the evaluation meeting at the end of the camp along with the Officials of the Ashramshala, Volunteers agreed that, they would visit the village again to carry forward the good work which they initiated. They decided to provide books and necessary stationary items for the village students donated by them as well as other students of DBIT.

Learning gains: All the days spent there were fulfilling days: lots of good hard work as well as a lot of fun (must say, the river bathing took the cake). It was a complete ROADIES experience, without ‘vote outs’ of course. ‘We went there with the intention of bringing about a change in the people there, to help them progress but in the end the experience changed us and made us much better people. The Mokhada days were truly the days of our life and we look forward to such a meaningful experience again’.
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